Muusic: Own and invest in your favorite music

3 min readJan 17, 2022


The problem

The music industry is broken.

Existing Digital Streaming Platforms make it exceedingly difficult for artists to sustain themselves off of their art. 95% of artists on Spotify make less than five thousand dollars a year from streaming with other DSPs having marginally higher payouts. Companies like Liberty Media have created power structures that disadvantage artists through the monopolization of artists’ entry points into the music industry, controlling their careers from end to end. This means artists need external sources of capital to fund their careers, which often comes from major labels, who frequently offer lopsided deals that strip artists of the rights to their music and limit their creative freedom. This also means fans are missing out on the highest quality content as artists are incentivized to serve discovery algorithms rather than pushing their craft to its limits. We believe artists should serve the music, not the algorithms.

This is why we started Muusic; a place where fans can own and invest in their favorite music and directly support their favorite artists.

What we are

We are a digital record collection experience that offers fans exclusive access and rewards from their favorite artists. We supply the necessary tools and services to artists in providing value to their biggest fans. This acts as an outlet for artists to build more intimate relationships with their fans. Lastly, we enable exclusive collector experiences to be as immersive and interactive as possible by having live artist showcases, artist interviews, and exclusive content.

When an artist makes an initial sale on our platform, they are guaranteed 100% of the revenue from the sale along with a royalty upon each resale set by the artist. This enables the artist to have autonomy over their work and realize its value without losing their rights to the content they work so passionately to create.

Our vision

Our long-term goal is to create a comprehensive artist ecosystem on a new digital medium. This ecosystem will provide essential tools for artists to not only financially sustain their careers but create content with absolute, unobstructed creative freedom. On top of that, we want to create a democratized and decentralized onboarding system for new artists that enables our platform to have the highest standards of music quality while remaining as accessible as possible.

To fully realize this vision we need to leverage the communities that we are currently fostering. From our discord to our social media, we want every member of the Muusic community to feel supported as we deliver the best possible experience for our artists and fans.

For anyone wanting to join our community, you can join the band here.

Why now

The industry is inevitably moving towards decentralization as an increasing number of people are discovering music through social media, like TikTok and Instagram, instead of centralized sources like radio DJs or curated playlists. This puts pressure on artists to create strong communities through social media to effectively market their music. This leaves prominent music labels struggling to catch up and offer the same value they used to before this new wave of decentralized discovery options. However, artists have no comparable alternative for raising the necessary capital to drive their careers. Because making significant cash from recorded music requires millions of streams, the majority of artists have no medium to release high-production tracks.

Our next steps

We are only a few steps into this vast journey. As we pave our path, we hope to add to Muusic’s repertoire. This means creating new incentives for fans and artists, adding and diversifying content, and making Muusic the most accessible music collection platform on the planet.

Our next steps are to further expand this endeavor to the many artists who are lacking options in their own journeys of financial independence from predatory actors. This will include possible implementations for decentralized finance, enabling fans to invest in artists’ future royalties, increased accessibility initiatives, and grant programs for up-and-coming artists.

Let’s make Muusic a reality.