MuusicDAO Genesis Doc v1.0

3 min readApr 27, 2022




The next generation of music.

We are dedicated to developing the best tools, technology, and experiences to change the way music is valued.

Join muusic DAO to have a say in how the muusic industry operates. Everything from fees to proposals for entirely new projects is led by u.


We’re creating a new muusic industry with u in it ;)

Governance Structure:

Before the muusic DAO launch, custom-made membership NFTs will be distributed to early users. Muusic Improvement Proposals (MIPs) will be listed on muusic’s forum page for DAO members to vote on.

Voting Structure:

Upon the DAO release, those with NFT memberships can vote on proposals made on the platform using their NFTs. Each NFT will represent a single vote.

Governance Opportunities:

Fixes and Features:

Muusic Improvement Proposals (MIPs) will be the mechanism through which new features, fixes, upgrades, and augmentations will be implemented on the platform. DAO members will be given the opportunity to propose MIPs on the Muusic DAO site. Forums will be held through the Muusic Discord.

Curation Opportunities:

DAO members will also have the opportunity to participate in creating publicly curated discovery playlists for the Muusic community. These playlists will be featured on Muusic’s discovery pages and will be updated on a biweekly basis. DAO pods will be created per genre so that curation will be exclusive to consumers and creators operating within the given genre. Members of the Muusic DAO who have a history of collecting/listing music in a given genre will be granted access to these pods for curation. Members who are verified artists on the platform will have greater weightage in their curation voting. If members want to add new genres or sub-genres, they can submit MIPs for their addition.

Marketplace Copyright Arbitration:

If there are cases of copyrighted content on Muusic’s platform, DAO holders will have the opportunity to enforce fairness regulation on the platform. When a song is reported for violating copyright on the platform, it will be sent to the DAO for arbitration. Once the vote is confirmed, the song will be hidden from the marketplace’s frontend to mitigate its sale.

Artist Acquisition:

DAO members may participate in coordinated campaigns to acquire artists to list their music on the Muusic App. Once an artist has a valid listing on the platform, token rewards will be distributed to the respective DAO members.

Artist Bootstrapping:

DAO members will have the opportunity to bootstrap artist careers by providing marketing and branding services, while simultaneously connecting them to producers, musicians, and engineers within the music industry to support low-exposed artists who list on the Muusic app.

Voting/Staking Incentives:

Voting will be done through staking protocols that will allow stakeholders to receive rewards based on votes. This is meant to incentivize voting in the DAO and reward committed participation.

This is v1.0 of our DAO genesis document and it is subject to change as we grow our community.